Foods That Keep Your Teeth Healthy

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Do you realize that one of the best ways to keep your mouth healthy is to eat the right foods? Certain foods will help you keep your teeth, gums, and mouth in overall tip-top shape. The best thing about it is that these foods are also healthy for the rest of your body. And once you understand the reasons why these food are good for the teeth, you’ll understand and hopefully put forth the effort to strengthen your teeth and gums.

To prevent cavities, consider what you put into your mouth every day. For instance, you already know that sugary snacks are not healthy for your teeth. Did you also know that if you constantly snack, you increase the chances that your teeth will be covered with decay. You’ll need to brush your teeth more frequently if you eat all the time. The sugars and carbohydrates you’re consuming turn into acid and the acid attacks the enamel on your teeth.

Try these foods to ensure the strength and health of your teeth. Cheese, meat, milk and nuts are all excellent choices. The phosphorous and calcium provided by dairy products is wonderful for enhancing the strength of your teeth. After the enamel is worn away or removed by acids, the minerals needed are re-deposited by these products.

When you choose healthy fruits, vegetables, and nuts, especially the crunchy ones, you’re contributing to the good health of your mouth and teeth. Many fruits provide a high water content, diluting the high sugar amounts that fruits typically contain. In addition, if you eat fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water, your saliva production increases, allowing food debris to be washed away more easily.

If you choose food combinations based on their benefits to your health, you’ll discover that not only do your teeth feel stronger and look better, you’ll feel better overall.


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